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Service Areas in Texas
Abilene, Aledo, Bryan/College Station, Matagorda County, Fort Worth, Glen Rose, Pfluegerville/Austin, Stephenville, Waco, Weatherford, and the surrounding areas.

Your home or business has been damaged. Now what?

You may contact us any time after the damage event. At the moment of the damage event is when we can get involved and walk you through the entire insurance claim and structure restoration process. Our focus is efficiency. Due to our experience as insurance adjusters, we understand the claims process, so your claim is handled and expedited efficiently. We are also your contractor, and manage the entire restoration project for you.

We become your one point of contact.

The Process

Damage Event

You may contact us the moment the damage event occurs. We guide you through the entire process, from the first contact with your insurance carrier through structure reconstruction and completion.

Contacting Your Insurance Carrier

We can be on that first call with you, to your insurance carrier. You must be involved in the initial phone call. Once you tell your insurance carrier that we are your "contractor of choice," we can then handle all communications about the claim on your behalf.

Insurance Adjuster Reviews The Damage

The insurance company sends a property insurance adjuster to your property. We can be there with the adjuster to represent you. We are your ally with the insurance company. We work with the insurance adjuster to agree on a scope of damage. We discuss what is damaged what is covered by your homeowners policy.

With our experience in the insurance property claims industry, and handling most of the major property insurance carriers, TXIRS will be a partner with you as the homeowners, but also the insurance carrier.

We work fairly, quickly and honestly.

Our goal at TXIRS is to agree with the adjuster regarding the scope of the damage and what is covered, while the adjuster is on site. Agreeing on scope of damage while on the property with the adjuster eliminates frustration and greatly reduces the amount of calls. By sticking with this plan, it sets TXIRS apart from other contractors, and greatly reduces the stress that comes with the claims process. TXIRS builds a rapport with the insurance carriers because they know we scope and write estimates based on the insurable damage. By doing so, TXIRS and their partners have gained a wide respect from many carriers and agents because they know we stick closely to the policy guidelines and refuse to "Add Fluff" to the estimate to cover non-storm related items.

With the scope of work decided, the insurance adjuster writes the estimate.

The Check Is Received

You receive the check from the insurance company and call us to begin the reconstruction process.

This step can vary depending on circumstances. Sometimes, if you (the policy holder) wish, the insurance company can send the check directly to us; especially if a mortgage company is involved. If the damage amount is large enough then the mortgage company becomes involved.

We are here to act on your behalf to expedite the process because we understand the mortgage company interest in your property as well as the insurance carriers obligation to include them on the bank draft.

Restoration Begins

Once the scope of damage is agreed on, TXIRS will go over the scope of damage and determine any additional non-storm related items that may need to be addressed. We provide you with a timeline of the reconstruction process.

We work as the general contractor. Our sub-contractors are pre-qualified and have been working with TXIRS for many years. We manage the entire repair process, including scheduling and delivery of materials, crews, any and all re-inspections that may need to take place for damaged that was missed by the adjuster, and MOST importantly, TXIRS becomes the single point of contact for you (the insured), the insurance company, and the mortgage company.

Our goal for the policy holder and the customer is complete satisfaction with the process by taking the claims burden off of you.

This is what we take PRIDE in at TXIRS.

Unexpected Restoration Discoveries

Sometimes unexpected things are uncovered during the restoration process. We know through experience, what photos will help the insurance company decide to add a supplement for the restoration project.

Where Will I Live During Restoration

If the damage to your home is so extensive that you cannot live in it until the restoration is complete, we help you secure your family with housing. TXIRS works with 3rd party housing vendors in assisting you with your temporary housing needs for your family. We also can assist the insurance carriers with compiling the needed documentation per the insurance carriers guidelines for the ALE (Additional Living Expense), as outlined in your policy.

Restoration is Complete

After the restoration, TXIRS will inspect the project to make sure all work has been completed per the agreed on scope of damages, as well as any other items TXIRS and the policyholder agreed on. Once the homeowner and TXIRS agree the project is completed and to everyone's satisfaction, we complete a "Letter of Completion," letting the insurance carrier know the work has been completed and the homeowner agrees with all work.

We deliver this letter of completion to the insurance company so that they will release the remainder of the funds, often identified as "Depreciation" or "Holdback" as outlined in the claim estimate.

We offer a deductible assistance program.